Welcome to chrislyttle.com where you can discover more about me and East Belfast, the constituency I represent at the Northern Ireland Assembly. I believe MLAs should be in touch with local people. That's why I will be using this website to provide you with useful information about my work on your behalf, my latest press releases and newsletters plus ways to get in contact. Thank you for visiting my site and I look forward to hearing from you soon.Chris_Lyttle_Digital_Signature
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Justice for Sport

In a week when the sectarian chanting of a small minority of so-called football fans was broadcast throughout the island of Ireland, a group of MLAs (Conall McDevitt, Danny Kennedy and I) sponsored the Irish Football Association, the Belfast Celtic Society and Healing Through Remembering to perform and discuss the implications of the powerful play ‘Lish & Gerry at the Shrine’ at Parliament Buildings, Stormont.

This brilliant play uses performance art and, in particular, storytelling to transport its audience back to 1948 into the lives of Irish football legends Lish Scott, the protestant player manager of Belfast Celtic and Gerry Morgan, the catholic trainer of Linfield, who remind us 'it is ok to choose who you support’.

As an Alliance Party MLA I am proud that I can choose to support ALL my constituents regardless of their background.



In the face of unprecedented pressure on our public finances and approximately 50'000 empty school places across Northern Ireland the moral and economic case for shared and inclusive education for our children and young people has surely never been stronger.

The Office of First and Deputy First Minister commissioned an independent analysis of the cost of division to our community in 2006. The 2006 Deloitte Report estimates the annual cost of division to our community at $1.5 Billion pounds, approximately £1000 per household, per year.



Welcome to my Assembly Constituency Report, one of the ways I will keep in touch with you and let you know how I am working on your behalf.

The public is looking to the Assembly for leadership at this challenging time on the economy, education, and tackling the human and financial cost of division in our society. Unfortunately the Executive and Assembly have not always delivered; however, I believe that local ownership and accountability for these issues is the best way to achieve the shared and better future we seek for our community.



It is a great honour for me to serve the people of East Belfast at the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The Alliance Party has a strong record of hard work for people in the area and I am looking forward to representing the constituency as part of a strong Alliance team at Stormont.

Naomi Long was an exceptional Assembly Member, and the high regard in which the people of East Belfast hold her was clearly demonstrated when they chose her as their Member of Parliament for the area.


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