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Public must support the PSNI to tackle crime in East Belfast

As former deputy Chair of East Belfast District Policing Partnership and member of the Policing Board, I have worked consistently on crime prevention for people in East Belfast.

The hate crime attacks on St Anthony's chapel and the memorial garden at Pitt Park this week were deplorable and in no way represent the majority of people who are committed to a safe and shared East Belfast. I joined the Alliance Minister for Justice David Ford in condemning these attacks at the Northern Ireland Assembly.

It is essential that we support the PSNI to tackle all criminality in East Belfast, and I am actively engaging with the Area Commander to seek assurances that police are proactive and robust in their response.

I have raised constituents' concerns for a number of areas and in particular was asked to seek information on what police are doing to tackle burglary and car theft in Orby/Orangefield.

The Area Commander has advised me that three burglaries have been reported in the area this month, including one car theft. He has given me his assurances that every incident is being fully investigated by a team of detectives and any area of concentrated crime is being mapped, monitored and patrolled.

The PSNI have also encouraged residents seeking to proactively support community safety in their area to work with the police to establish regulated and accountable Neighbourhood Watch Schemes rather than patrolling streets themselves. I support the PSNI guidance and am glad to help any residents to establish such schemes in their area.

I also welcome the work of my colleague Cllr Michael Long, Chair of the Castlereagh Policing and Community Safety Partnership, who reports that Castlereagh now has the lowest level of recorded crime in Northern Ireland. I understand that burglaries have decreased across the area in the last year and PSNI clearance rates are improving.

I welcome these assurances but we will continue to work to ensure that the PSNI is doing all it can to prevent crime and the fear of crime in our community and deliver a safe and shared East Belfast.

Chris in the constituency