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Promoting Small Business Saturday, a UK wide initiative set up to encourage the public to shop local and support small retailers.

Chris visited Harding Memorial Primary School as they hope to secure up to £50,000 worth of funding through 'UTV's People's Millions'. 

Chris talks about dealing with the past and using the Haass talks to address these matters. 

Chris commenting on the work of the assembly to support postal services in Northern Ireland.

Chris affirming his belief that there needs to be an inspired vision and robust strategy to deal with the most contentious issues in Northern Irish society including contested spaces and reconciliation.

Chris urges other MLA's to consider Northern Ireland targets for child poverty to address the unique conditions children born into poverty face here and affirms his commitment to fighting child poverty in his local community.

Chris speaking on Special Need Provision and the urgent need for more coordinated efforts between government departments to provide a better quality of life for people with special needs.


Chris responds to calls for better suicide prevention strategies. Chris urges for attitudinal changes towards suicide where people can feel confident to discuss mental health issues in an open and constructive way.


Chris responds to calls for a Civic Forum on Participative Democracy, reaffirming his commitment to increased participation for all in society and urging for collaborative partnership to find a solution to the issues facing Northern Ireland in an open and inclusive way.

Chris in the constituency