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Lyttle demands answers from Sinn Fein regarding abuse allegations

As the Alliance OFMDFM spokesperson, Lyttle recently responded to the BBC Spotlight programme featuring Paudie McGahon. Paudie claimed that he was subjected to an IRA kangaroo court after he informed a Sinn Fein representative about the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of an IRA member during the 1990s.

"I commend Paudie McGahon and the courage he has shown to speak out about this heinous abuse," Lyttle said.

"This second investigation into the alleged cover-up of sexual abuse by members of the IRA has raised further questions for Sinn Fein that they must answer. Few have been convinced by Sinn Fein's response to Mairia Cahill and I hope they will now realise the severity of these matters.

"Gerry Adams must allow for a full investigation of what happened to Paudie and provide any information about the role of this Sinn Fein representative.

"There must be no repeats of the online smear campaign which was targeted against Mairia Cahill after she spoke out.

"All incidents of child sexual abuse must be fully investigated by the Police without any hindrance or interference. Anybody with any information about such abuse must report it to the Police."

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